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4th Avenue, The Village, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1DB
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Red Brick Substation

Red Brick Substation

The Redbrick Substation was constructed in the early 20th century and played a pivotal role in the early electrification of Dublin Port.

Initially earmarked for demolition in 2016, the former ESB Substation has undergone a remarkable transformation and is now a protected structure, acknowledging and realising its historical significance. The restoration project, aimed to preserve the original two-storey redbrick building by reinforcing its security measures. The first floor was removed, doubling the space in height, and was joined by a completely new, mostly glass extension. The project includes some interesting architectural and historical features both above and below ground, including the historic sea wall, which is now on permanent display beneath a glass floor.

The lighting scheme for this restoration needed to be sympathetic to the historical features of the building, whilst also providing quality output. alphaLED’s partners Wink Lighting selected their track light luminaires, Apto, to effectively illuminate the space.

Apto fixtures provide excellent flexibility, their adjustable placement on the track allows versatile positioning to direct the light to where it is needed. They also offer a sleek design that seamlessly integrates into the space, without drawing attention away from the historic structure.

As a multi-functional space, the Substation will now be able to host a range of small-scale events such as lectures and seminars, poetry readings, music recitals, intimate theatre performances, pop-up café, and even become a teaching space.


Project Credits:

Main Contractor & PSCS: Dunwoody & Dobson Ltd

Client: Dublin Port Company

Architect: Darmody Architecture

Structural Engineer & PSDP: DBFL Consulting Engineers

Services Engineer: Belton Consulting Engineers

Quantity Surveyor: Dublin Port Company

Lighting Design and Supply: Wink Lighting

Lighting Manufacturer: alphaLED