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+44 (0) 161 873 7841
4th Avenue, The Village, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1DB

Pavilion Kensington Club

Pavilion Kensington Club and Offices is a high-end luxury serviced office space.

Situated on Kensington High Street, Pavilion is an outstanding serviced sanctuary with the atmosphere of a private members’ club, coupled with the service standards of a five-star hotel.

It is the first in a new generation of business residences set in the residential district of Kensington, London. Occupiers benefit from a range of unique services at this high-end business centre, such as single-person offices, first-class offices, fully serviced lounges, room/desk service and luxury showers.

The brief for the lighting was to provide a modern lighting scheme, suitable for office spaces, but that also matched the luxurious interior.

Editions from alphaLED’s Gyro Series fixtures were specified in the office areas throughout the building. They were ideal as they provided a Gyroscopic tilt, perfect for highlighting multiple focal points from one fixture.

The fixtures provide a sleek finish to complement the interior design with a high output of light. The Gyro fixtures output an average of 558lx, 0.60 uniformity and <10.0 UGR which is ideal for office spaces, thanks to the precision optics and luminaire housing design.

The custom mixed finishes on the fixtures are really what made them unique. They were matched exactly to the interior design scheme, to blend seamlessly into the décor.

alphaLED’s lighting solutions have created a working environment that is inviting and stimulating for occupants, along with lounge and relaxation areas that have a calming ambience. The lighting was key in creating an environment that benefits the wellbeing of residents by subtly illuminating areas that they can use for both business and personal functions.

Pavilion Kensington Club and Offices is richly detailed and luxuriously throughout as you’d expect from a premier private venue in London.


Project Credits:

Client – Ocubis
Architect – Nissen Richards Studio
Lighting Design – Giorgia Spanoudis