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4th Avenue, The Village, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1DB
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+44 (0) 161 873 7841
4th Avenue, The Village, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1DB

Private Residence

The owners have created an extraordinary home, in a luxurious modern contemporary style. Its art décor, unbelievable attention to detail and modern comforts makes it a truly aspirational property.

This private residence was brought to life, using a selection of alphaLED fixtures to achieve exceptional colour consistency throughout.

The owner of this house had a clear vision in mind when it came to selecting the architectural lighting. Being an avid art collector, it was essential their pieces were illuminated with the highest quality CRI values, and to have colour consistency throughout their home.

To achieve the desired effect, Micro 90, the Micro 90 Washer and the Imp Wet were specified throughout the private residence. These provided the optimum lighting solution as they allowed for a discreet plaster in appearance, without having a trim-less fixture. The fixture’s soft bezel and the fact the Micro 90 are supplied with a softening lens as standard enables enhanced glare control.

The wide range of lumen outputs, colour temperatures and colour fidelity options achieved outstanding results throughout the home and accomplished that all important colour consistency. Our Vibrancy engine series was selected as the best option for this project. The Vibrant Series is spectrally engineered by Xicato’s scientists to make colours appear richer and more vivid, bringing out the textures and depth of materials, making it the perfect engine to illuminate the artwork!


Project credits

Supplier: alphaLED

Images: Courtesy of the homeowner