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4th Avenue, The Village, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1DB
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+44 (0) 161 873 7841
4th Avenue, The Village, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1DB

Deansgate Square, Manchester

Comprising of 1,508 luxury apartments across four towers, Deansgate Square is Manchester’s premier residential development, offering an unrivalled view of the city skyline. Home to exclusive amenities for residents to enjoy, including the roof garden, club, business gallery, gym, spin studio, and concierge.

The aim was to provide an upgraded, modern lighting scheme for the newly refurbed residential amenities onsite. Lighting Designers Troup Bywaters + Anders (TB+A) created a sleek, stylish lighting design to reflect the high-end sophistication of the interiors. TB+A selected alphaLED’s premium downlights to illuminate the gym, workout areas and spin studio.

alphaLED exclusively uses Xicato light sources in its products, with a tailored phosphor coated film to accurately tune the colour temperature. This allowed the ideal ambience to be created for the gym and spin studio, tailored from energising lighting during workouts to relaxing cool downs. The streamlined downlights blend seamlessly into the ceiling design for a sleek and subtle finish, cleverly highlighting exercise equipment and floor space while setting the atmosphere.

Zoe Faulkner, Associate at Troup Bywaters + Anders, commented,

“We selected alphaLED downlights as the luminaire aesthetic and size worked seamlessly with the ceiling design, allowing the architectural features to become the feature within the space.”


“The ambience set by the downlights has helped create a luxurious and enjoyable space for residents. With alphaLED utilising Xicato light sources, not only were we confident with the overall quality and performance of the fixtures, but had piece of mind with knowing there won’t be any reduced lumen depreciation and colour shift over time.”


Project Credits:

Client: Renaker
Lighting Design: Troup Bywaters + Anders (TB+A)

Lighting Supplier: alphaLED

Photography: Billy Bolton