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alphaLED illuminates the Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery

Working with Industrielicht and the Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery to enhance the visitor experience, our Apto fixtures were selected to illuminate the gallery. Our fixtures now help to fulfil the visitors’ senses with vibrant colours and shapes within the Dutch art gallery.

The exhibits are extremely valuable. The display lighting is designed to accentuate the colour-rich artwork, with multiple spotlights shining on each painting from various angles. Due to this complex arrangement, there must be very little colour difference, if any, between each spotlight.

Therefore, the new LED lighting had to meet some stringent requirements. Firstly, the chosen product had to provide a natural beam unhindered by zoom lenses or reflectors. The current lumen output had to be matched with a good CRI for consistency across the current colour arrangement. Lastly, the spotlight needed to be compatible with the current 3-phase track system by Hoffmeister.

Working closely with the gallery and Industrielicht lighting consultants, alphaLED’s Apto creative range of track mounted spotlights was the chosen solution. Apto is an excellent tool for creating focal points within a space or highlighting displays.

Like the entire alphaLED range, Apto features Xicato light engines. In this case, the Xicato Inside™ XTM Vibrancy LED module perfectly met the brief. Apto’s white diecast aluminium construction blends seamlessly with the gallery architecture, but where it scores is in its outstanding light quality, boasting attributes of 98 CRI, 1000 lumen output with a 2-step MacAdam Ellipse. The final design brings complete colour consistency across the gallery.

The amazing artwork now looks spectacularly vibrant under the new lighting scheme.

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