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+44 (0) 161 873 7841
4th Avenue, The Village, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1DB


In collaboration with renowned lighting design practice Artin Light, we alongside our UK partner Atrium, have illuminated the new Manchester studio showroom of Solus Ceramics, situated on the ground floor of the iconic former Manchester Law Library.

Solus are suppliers of ceramic tiles to the architectural specification industry and pride themselves on the depth of their technical and aesthetic knowledge. The brief for the space was to be welcoming, sophisticated, and useful: a place to host celebrations, hold events and explore ideas with architects and designers alike. Within the Studio there are five separate entities; the entry path, the bar, the front display, the campfire, and the workspace. They are all lit differently but discreetly to ensure a smooth and subtle transition between spaces.

The show piece of the installation is known as the ‘campfire’, a dynamic island lit with several Dezzi Spot Framers. The framing tool here is utilised to create pockets of light in which Solus’s impressive portfolio can viewed in a vast array of lighting conditions created by alphaLEDs Chromatic light engines. In this case a combination of Tuneable White and RGBW was used to provide a full spectrum of colour options and a truly unique user experience.

Throughout the rest of the space the Dezzi Spot was utilised in a selection of narrow beam angles to create a sense contrast and atmosphere. alphaLED’s unmatched quality of light also meant that justice was done to the elegant materials displayed throughout, including the beautiful birch joinery and the ceramics which they display.

The Studio is now set to host events, interactive sessions, talks, panels, screenings, and parties in a place that people will feel welcome, and where clients can pop in or spend a few hours researching the products to bring their next project to life.


Project Credits:

Lighting Design: Artin Light
Interior Designer: Incognito
Contractor: ICON Projects
Supply: Atrium
Lighting Manufacturer: alphaLED
Photography: Gunner Gu