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+44 (0) 161 873 7841
4th Avenue, The Village, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1DB

Our Dezzi range is officially TM66 Assured    

As per the latest TM66 Assured Product Verification Scheme by The LIA and endorsed by CIBSE, the Dezzi range is now a certified circular product range.

TM66 Assured is a method of evaluating a product’s circularity using the CEAM ’Circular Economy Assessment Method’. The product assessment is scored based on four requirements.

These are:

• Product design
• Manufacturing process
• Product materials
• Product impact on the ecosystem

The process of becoming TM66 Assured starts with a self-assessment. We were confident that the Dezzi range met all the requirements and are so pleased that we now have the certification to prove this.

After the self-assessment, the product is sent to The LIA laboratory for verification. The LIA reviewed our performance claims, the evidence and agreed with our self-assessment score.

The Dezzi range was designed with the circular economy in mind. It is a fully modular downlight range, which is a huge benefit for both clients and the environment as it means that if the bezel or driver needs replacing, the fixture easily comes apart. This lowers the costs for businesses and reduces waste overall to ensure products are future-proofed. We have been consciously working towards improving our carbon footprint, and sustainability has been carefully considered when crafting the design of the Dezzi range.

Head to our product page to see the dezzi range.