Light Engine Options

AlphaLED is a unique light engine in itself. It’s design promotes colour consistency, stability and long product life.

The lighting module is a synergy of:-

  • Optics
  • Proven solid state technology
  • Tuned Corrective Cold Phosphor Technology

At the centre of the module are blue LED chips which produce an intense reliable light source. The blue light is converted to white light via a uniquely tuned Corrective Cold Phosphor layer. The LED wavelengths are individually measured for each module because the performance of all LED chips varies. A corrected phosphor coated film is then selected for each module to correct it to the required colour temperature and colour rendering value.

This guarantees the colour accuracy and consistency from module to module ensuring your final lighting scheme has a seamless appearance.

The combination of AlphaLED product design, module Cold Phosphor Technology, promoting cooler running temperatures guaranteeing a long and colour stable product life.

Light Engine Options


AlphaLED products use different Xicato module types depending on the required product specification. An overview of the different types is given below. The product specification you decide will dictate the module we supply.

The modules are available in different standard CCT values and various CRI types, Standard CRI80+, True Colour Elite CRI98, Vibrant V8, Vibrant (High CRI) V9 and special application types such as the beauty series.

Some modules feature on board control see the constant voltage modules (CV) below.

XTM 19mm Constant Current Module

This is a constant current (CC) module with a 19mm light emitting surface and is used for Narrow, Medium and Wide beam applications.

Lumen output options are 500, 700, 1000, 1300, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 Lm

Light Engine Options

XTM 9mm Constant Current Module

This is also a constant current module with a narrower 9mm light emitting surface and is used for spot beam applications.

Lumen output options are 400, 550, 700, 1000, 1300, and 2000 Lm

Light Engine Options

XIM 9mm and 19mm CV DALI and 1-10V Controllable Module

The constant voltage (CV) option module introduces control electronics directly into the LED module itself.

There are DALI modules offering 0.1% dimming capability and analogue 1-10V controllable modules with a 1% dimming capability.

These modules are operated via a separate 48V dc constant voltage power supply.

Lumen output options are 700, 1300 and 2000 Lm

Light Engine Options