LED Module Data

LED MODULE - Specification

Choosing the right LED module for your project.

Different LED modules are used depending on the project needs. High CRI modules “True Colour Elite” are used for schemes requiring the highest colour accuracy performance. CRI80+ is an option for general lighting requirements. There are also vibrancy modules, including the beauty series where colour enhancing technology can make for vivid retail environments.

The downloadable tables show different colour temperatures (CCT) options against the colour rendering index (CRI) versions available across the range of lumen output bands offered.

Data is shown for both the smaller 9mm and larger 19mm Light Emitting Surface (LES) modules. The size of the module used in your fitting will be predetermined by the beam angle specification and product type selected. Tight spot beams will tend to use the 9mm module and larger beam angles the 19mm version.

Vibrancy and beauty series modules have specific nominal CCT’s which are synonymous with their colour enhancing features.

Constant Current Modules

This is the standard AlphaLED product configuration. When using constant current modules our products are supplied with a non-dimming constant current driver as standard.

The table shows “Total Circuit Power” for each option. Use this to calculate the electrical load of your project.

There are many different dimming protocols available, DALI, Analogue – 0-10V / 1-10V, Phase both leading and trailing edge types, DSI with switch dim and corridor function and DMX.

Take care to match your projects dimming control system with the appropriate driver choice.

There are also driver options which give professional 0.1% dimming capability in DALI and Analogue protocols. Ask about our “Professional Dimming” options.


Constant Voltage Modules

48V constant voltage modules with on board integrated drivers.

The DALI version offers 0.1% dimming capability.

The 1-10V version can dim to 1%.

This option can either be supplied with a 48V power supply per product or several products can be centrally supplied from a higher power 48V power supply.

For this option the LED module power has been provided as a guide. When calculating electrical loads for system design the load of the 48V power supply used should be considered.