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We are pleased to announce that AlphaLED has joined forces with Lumenpulse, a leading manufacturer of high-performance LED luminaires, headquartered in Montreal with offices around the world. The acquisition means that our new company will now be known as Lumenpulse AlphaLED.

Lumenpulse AlphaLED

AlphaLED is a successful brand of Lumenpulse Lighting, established over 20 years ago. Lumenpulse AlphaLED is the merging of two highly successful companies now offering a leading brand of high-performance LED luminaires for retail, commercial and architectural applications. Using a corrective cold phosphor technology, AlphaLED became the first LED manufacturer to offer a 5-year warranty, guaranteeing both the quantity and quality of light over a five-year period.

For this reason, the company continues to win high-profile, prestigious projects around the world. In 2013, the company’s achievements were recognized with a Lux Award for Manufacturer of the Year.

The Guarantee

No noticeable colour shift and a maximum of 5% lumen loss across the installation after 5 years.

The luminaire and driver are guaranteed for 5 years.